Something Called Rain

Rain ??

how can I never forget  miss it ? Rain is you, Rain is Me,, Rain is ours,,

do you know, we always meet when rain, ohh~~ I remember while rain comes so do you,,

thanks for always be my rain, and always give me a beautiful rainbow 🙂

even though now rain didn’t come, but I believe someday when you here rain will also come, be better there I’m here for you, 🙂

haha,, is this love or like ? the stupid question that must not coming, but it’s out 🙂

I never love you, I never liking you, I just fall and don’t know how to stand up again, but I never feel in sorrow coz you is the best thing that I can make fall’n 🙂 🙂

someday when you appears in front of me, hopefully you’ll bring so many flowers to me, bring me rain and rainbow like you always do 🙂

never see another girl there, kekeke~ never smile to her, coz I know what everything you do there, Kekeke~~

Love you darlin, and will always be :*


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