Just it ..

it’s not abaout how I try to forget you again, it’s not about it anymore 🙂
you have choose to leave me, me too

I never pretend to dissapoint you , never,, even if it just in my mind,,
but you, you always,, you never feel it, but I always

I think, I look like a fool one who always feel that you are the one completely needed, but now I know that everything I have thought are completely wrong, 😀
how fool I am in front of you? am I success to make you laugh loudly? thank you ,,
I will never forget everything happened before, it just to sweet to me 🙂

and now, why I write this here? do you know why?
because I know, and now I realize that love is really hard to understand , to much hard
from you, I learn to more carefull to love someone,
from you, I learn how hard to forget a love for a one,
from you, I learn how I can stand up after down,
from you and only you

never be the one who came to me again, it’s enough in this way, let me run from you far away 🙂
and never think that I will come to you again,
never think I will suddenly appear with the rain, because I’m not your rainbow anymore, I will never 🙂


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