When I could realize something

it’s about how many times I get up in the morning with a fact that I didn’t have you again beside me. the time that I know.that I’m not a good enough person in my 20th years of my life.

how could I? how could I be someone that could hurt someone easily? I never think.that I hurt you so deep like this boy, I’m sorry for this. I never want to do it on purpose, really I am.

in another time I actually feel losing you too much. you, the one that I wonder could leave me for a half time ago, finally leave me painfully.
ah~ it’s about 2 weeks I guess, but I feel still yesterday you say hello to me with your bright smile, and now I lose it. it so dissapointed that we couldn’t do so many things that we prepare together, but it’s okay we must move up and welcoming a beautifull rainbow in front.

hope you have a blessing time and we could say hello like before without an awkward feeling. I will try to live more happy to boy, stop to think me too much. and now could I say good bye for you??

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