Painfull Part

Dan kami bertemu .. ‘hay’ itukah yang kami ucapkan dulu?? 3 huruf mantra ajaib yang mengantarkan pada kebahagiaan. Darinya kudapatkan dunia yang lain.

Time passed by so fast, then I realize that it’s time to say ‘bye’. we couldn’t be a one anymore. Magic word that makes me lose you as soon as I say it. We lose our way together. And finally I couldn’t find you anywhere.

I always wake up in morning like a normal person, then slowly I became crazy all the day cause I can’t control my mind not to thinking of your nice voice, nice greet and any others. That’s a dark and scary jail in me. And I dislike it too much. All the day I thinking, how to make it dissapear ease like I have an eraser there.


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