Like a wind

Someday, someone was coming. I don’t know where he coming from. And someday, he leaving me in the middle of the way. I get lost in this way. But I don’t wanna try to find him too.

Just like a wind, he is coming and going. Just like a wind, blow a piece of paper till it fly. Just like a wind, make a small injury being recovery. Just like a wind, make a small cooling air in the throat. Just like a wind, help a dandelion to grow up. And I love you just like a wind, a simple love that is coming and going at the same time.

Just let me say thank to you, you help me to moving up till this way. We should have our way by ourselves. You by yourself and me too. Don’t try to ask me, how I am today, cause I know how to make myself being more better. Don’t try to look at me deeply like before, that eyes is the most honestly window of your heart and I don’t have a courage to look it.


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